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Journal of the Short Story in English - N° 69



Domaines : Littérature | Littérature générale
Langues et civilisations | Études américaines
Langues et civilisations | Études anglaises

Revue : Journal of the Short Story in English


Format : 15.5 x 24 cm
Nombre de pages : 202 p.

ISBN : 978-2-7535-6517-3

Disponibilité : auprès de l'éditeur
Prix : 20,00 €


  • Sommaire

  • Linda Collinge-Germain, Michelle Ryan-Sautour, Gérald Préher, François Hugonnier, Foreword
  • Michaela Schrage-Früh, Blurring the Boundaries: Dreaming Children in Katherine Mansfield’s “Sun and Moon” and Daphne du Maurier’s “The Pool”
  • Stephen EdwardsKatherine Mansfield and the Trauma of War: Death, Memory and Forgetting in “An Indiscreet Journey,” “The Garden Party,” “At the Bay,” “Six Years After” and “The Fly”
  • Kate ImwalleWhen Fear is Feared: Repression, Anxiety, Trauma and War Neurosis in Elizabeth Bowen’s Short Fiction
  • Christine Dualé,The Aesthetics of Orality in Langston Hughes’s Short Stories The Best of Simple
  • Eric Hyman, Chess Problems and the Otherworld in Nabokov’s Short Stories
  • Tamas Dobozy, Communities of Self: Mavis Gallant’s Linnet Muir Cycle
  • Jay Ruud,Tim O’Brien as Grail Knight: “On the Rainy River”
  • Helen E. Mundler, “East is East”: Thematic and Textual Confluence in Jane Gardam’s “Chinese Funeral”
  • Aloka Patel, Illusions that Resemble Reality: Salman Rushdie’s “At the Auction of the Ruby Slippers”
  • Julia Siccardi, De la divergence culturelle à la confluence transculturelle: rencontres de l’altérité dans The Thing Around your Neck de Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
  • Beryl Pong, Book Review : Liminality and the Short Story : Boundary Crossings in American, Canadian and British Writing, Ed. Jochen Achilles and Ina Bergman



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