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Études irlandaises - N° 39-1



Domaine : Langues et civilisations | Études irlandaises

Revue : Études irlandaises


Format : 15,5 x 24 cm
Nombre de pages : 212 p.

ISBN : 978-2-7535-3449-0

Disponibilité : en librairie
Prix : 20,00 €


  • Sommaire

Études d’histoire et de civilisation – Studies in History and Civilisation

  • Carine Berberi, Northern Ireland and the Euro: Changing Attitudes (2003-2013)
  • Axel Klein, Joseph O’Kelly (1828-1885) and the “Slings and Arrows of Fortune”
  • Deirdre Ní Chonghaile, “Listening for landfall”: How Silence and Fear Marginalized the Music of the Aran Islands
  • Maciej Ruczaj, “Daringly, yet with Reverence”: Pearse, Mickiewicz and the Theology of National Messianism
  • Catherine McGurren, “Daringly, yet with Reverence”: Pearse, Mickiewicz and the Theology of National Messianism
  • Frederic Royall, Clément Desbos, Le Mouvement d’occupation d’espaces publics : Occupy Dame Street et Occupy Galway
  • Timothy O’Neill, An Eviction in Kinnitty: Republican Social Agitation and the New Fianna Fáil Government, 1932-1933
  • Pascal Pragnère, Entre guerre et paix: les murals de Belfast

Art et images – Art and Image

  • Kate Antosik-Parsons, Suppressed Voices: The Suffering and Silencing of Irish Institutional Abuse Survivors in Áine Phillips’s Redress Performances

Études littéraires – Literary Studies

  • Jessica Stephens, Death – a source in Seamus Heaney’s early autobiographical poetry
  • Fabienne Gaspari, Une jeunesse à Paris : le melting-pot à l’irlandaise de George Moore
  • Anne Karhio, The Familiar and the Foreign: Finnish Landscapes in Contemporary Irish Poetry
  • Peter Lenz, Once the Terror of His Flock – Now the Laughing Stock: Rise and Decay of the Clerical Master Narrative in Modern Irish Literature and Beyond
  • Maguy Pernot-Deschamps, History and Memory in Eiléan Ní Chuilleanáin’s “Autun” – An Irish Poet in Burgundy


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