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Journal of the Short Story in English - N° 66

Special Section: Affect and the Short Story and Cycle


Paul Ardoin and Fiona McWilliam (dir.)


Domaines : Langues et civilisations | Études anglaises
Littérature | Littérature générale

Revue : Journal of the Short Story in English


Format : 15,5 x 24 cm
Nombre de pages : 326 p.

ISBN : 978-2-7535-5466-5

Disponibilité : auprès de l'éditeur
Prix : 20,00 €


  • Sommaire

Michelle Ryan-Sautour, Gérald Préher, Linda Collinge-Germain, General Foreword

Part One: Affect and the Short Story and Cycle

  • Robert M. Luscher, Foreword to Special Section
  • Paul Ardoin and Fiona McWilliam, Introduction: On the Stickiness of the Short Story and the Cycle
  • Daniel Davis Wood, To See the Lives of Others Through the Eyes of God: The Affectivity of Literary Aesthetics in the Short Stories of Edward P. Jones
  • Rachel Lister, “Preposterous Adventures”: Affective Encounters in the Short Story Cycle
  • Rebecca Cross, Yearning, Frustration, and Fulfillment: The Return Story in Olive Kitteridge and Kissing in Manhattan
  • Fiona McWilliam, “The Young and Romantic Will Like It”: The Abolitionist Short Stories of Lydia Maria Child
  • Dennis Meyhoff Brink, Affective Atmospheres in the House of Usher
  • Kuo Chia-chen, The Affectivity of Music in Virginia Woolf’s “The String Quartet”
  • Rob Welch, Reading Structures of Feeling in Stephen Crane’s “The Blue Hotel”
  • Roundtable: Affect, the Short Story, and the Cycle
  • Contributors’ Notes Special Section 215

Part Two: General Section

  • Donna White, Is There a Doctor in the House? Rudyard Kipling’s Private Message to Arthur Conan Doyle in “The House Surgeon”
  • Daniela Janes, Liminality and the Epiphanic Spectrum in Joyce’s Dubliners and Mistry’s Tales from Firozsha Baag
  • Thomas O’Grady, The Geography of the Imagination: Benedict Kiely’s Dubliners
  • Timothy K. Nixon, Immigration, Ethnicity, and Race in Alice Dunbar-Nelson’s “Tony’s Wife”
  • Brian Jansen, “Betch you’ bootsh!”: Jewish Humour, Jewish Identity, and Yiddish Literary Traditions in Abraham Cahan’s Yekl
  • Yair Solan, Housebreakers and Peeping Toms: Voyeurism in John Cheever’s Early Suburban Stories
  • Contributors’ Notes General Section


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